Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gran Torino in 100 words

Note: It is probably the worst possible idea EVER to publish this. But this is once again a case where I think I'm hysterical and the rest of the world probably won't.

"Shut up gook."
"Get the fuck off my lawn!"
"Have a seat"
"I don't want to have a seat"
"Sit down you gook fuck!"
"Talk to the girl."
"I don't wanna talk to the girl."
"Talk to the girl you goddamn pussy fuck."
"Get a haircut."
"I don't want a haircut"
"You're going to get a haircut you pansy-ass faggot"
"I want revenge."
"You don't want revenge"
"Yes I do."
"Shut up ya goddamn chink, fifty years ago we'd have stuck a fucking fork in your ass."

...don't get me started on the Jews.

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