Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revisiting Woody

There is a great piece about Woody Allen today in Slate. I love Woody Allen, unabashedly. I love his indulgences as much as his strengths. Scorsese and Spielberg may (generally speaking) make more absorbing movies, but they aren't moved by human beings being themselves. There are very few moviemakers, especially today, who go into movies as a way of recording the way people talk, think and react to one another. Allen's movies may generally be about "New York Jewish Intellectual" types, but I think that these characters are far more relatable to those of us who are not exactly that 'type' than those of many other similarly 'arty' directors -- though I could of course be wrong. I don't know if Woody Allen will date well, but I doubt he'll ever date for me.

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