Saturday, January 18, 2014

Aprite, Presto: Aprite - Staging Notes

Orchestral Introduction:

Susanna gets out from under the chair and runs over to the closet. Would be nice if Susanna did a dramatic trip and fall on her stomach along the way, but not worth doing if it means Belinda might get hurt.

“Aprite, Presto: Aprite, aprite, è la Susanna.”  Knock on the door on every downbeat. Open the door.
“Sortite, via sortite” Cherubino opens the door, but has the dress completely over his head, underneath it. He is dressed back in his normal clothes, but extremely haphazardly. Hair messed up, collar only half on.
“andate via di qua.” Susanna pulls the dress off Cherubino’s head, he is underneath the dress holding a blunt object in his hand in a fighting stance.
“Oimè, che scena orribile!” Cherubino walks over to the bed. Head in his hands.
“Che gran fatalità!” ...sits on the bed.
“Di qua, di là.”  Susanna runs over to him and exorts him to get up (make a ‘shewing’ motion). Possibly swat him in the head if you get close enough.
“Le porte son serrate, che mai, che mai sarà!” Cherubino runs to one side of the room, Susanna runs to the other. Both pantomime a try to open the door.
“che mai, che mai sarà!” Run to the middle of the room, hug each other.
“Qui perdersi non giova. V'uccide se vi trova.”  Cherubino move out of the hug to face her, keep the arms connected to the elbow.
“Veggiamo un po' qui fuori.” Cherubino walks quickly over far stage left (at least at Windup Space).
“Dà proprio nel giardino.” Bends legs as though about to make a jumping motion.
“Fermate, Cherubino!” Susanna runs over as quickly as possible to Cherubino.
“Fermate per pietà!” Susanna grips one of his forearms and drags him back from the ‘ledge.’ It’s preferable here that Cherubino fall down. Again, if there’s a possibility of getting hurt, better safe than sorry.
“Qui perdersi non giova.” Cherubino gets up right away.
“Tropp'alto per un salto,”  Susanna blocks his way.
“Fermate per pieta.” Cherubino tries to step around her. Susanna blocks him again, like in basketball. Then grips him again by the forearm.
“Lasciami, pria di nuocerle” Cherubino grips Susanna’s forearm and tears her hand off.
Nel fuoco volerei” embraces Susanna with both arms.
“Abbraccio te per lei”  Say within the embrace, make sure Cherubino’s head is the one closer to the audience.
“addio” Cherubino gives one peck on the cheek before, one peck on the lips afterward.
Cosi si fa” Cherubino gets out of the embrace and walks determinedly over to the ledge.
“Ei va a perire, oh Dei!” This time Susanna stays where she is. Cherubino looks down past the window with terror.
“Fermate per pietà;” Susanna cries out to him, arms up.
Fermate! Fermate!” Runs over to him to try to stop him one last time. She’s too late, but arrives at the window from the centripetal force as he’s already on his way down. BIG SCREAM when he jumps. Conceals her eyes.

(Wiley E. Coyote style woosh and crash noise on the way down.)

Susanna looks out after two seconds, with look of dread. Then breathes a sigh of relief.

“Oh, guarda il demonietto! Come fugge! È già un miglio lontano.”  Wipes the sweat off her brow. Shrugs her shoulders.

“Ma non perdiamoci invano. Entriam nel gabinetto, venga poi lo smargiasso, io qui l'aspetto.” Speaks these lines directly to the audience. Then hide behind the door/curtain.

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