Monday, January 27, 2014

Cinque..., Dieci... Staging Notes

(Starts with Figaro moving up onto the stage from the pit, gets onto the stage on all fours with his posterior facing the audience. Susanna is sitting in the chair sowing her hat. Figaro is measuring on the stage horizontally with a meter stick. Turns to the side, stage right, when it’s time to sing.)

“Cinque ... dieci ... venti … trenta …” ...goes up to Susanna…

Measures her bust line. “Trenta sei…”

Susanna gets up exasperatedly. Figaro pulls her to the side and measures her backside. “quarantatre”  slaps her butt with the stick.

Doesn’t seem to notice him but he holds her from the back. “Ora sì ch'io son contenta; sembra fatto inver per me. Sembra fatto inver per me.”

Figaro mimes an erection from behind with the meter stick, which should be poking through Susanna’s apron. “Cinque ... dieci ... venti … trenta ... trentasei ... quarantatre.”

“Guarda un po', mio caro Figaro, guarda un po', mio caro Figaro, Guarda un po', guarda un po’, guarda adesso il mio cappello.” Trying to hand it back to Figaro, who’s more focused on other things…

Gets out of the hold and makes Figaro face her, slightly agitated. “Guarda un po', mio caro Figaro, guarda adesso il mio cappello il mio cappello il mio cappello.”

“Sì mio core, or è più bello, sembra fatto inver per te, sembra fatto inver per te.” Calms her down, slightly condescending.

Susanna holds it up more insistantly: “Guarda un po”

Figaro beams. “Sì mio core!”

Holds it up again, demanding an answer. “Guarda un po'”

Figaro says indulgantly, “or è più bello,”

Susanna’s finally satisfied and both of them melt. They stare into each others’ eyes, and peck each other on the lips between each ‘per me.’

Sing the rest of the duet cheeck to cheeck. “Ah, il mattino alle nozze vicino quanto è dolce al mio (tuo) tenero sposo, questo bel cappellino vezzoso che Susanna ella stessa si fe'. Stessa si fe’! Stessa si fe’! Che Susanna ella stessa si fe'!”

Susanna and Figaro kiss, and Susanna puts her leg up.

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