Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marriage of Figaro - Second Narration Draft 1

Second Narration:

(after Cinque, Dieci, Susanna and Figaro pull the mattress down to the floor, pull a sheet over themselves and appear to be making love.)

(highly dramatic reading, the elipse indicates a second-long pause)

Lick me... in the ass… nicely!
lick it nice and clean...
nice and clean lick... my ass.
That’s a greasy desire...
nicely buttered...
like the licking of roasted meat… my daily activity….
Three will lick more than two…
come on, just try it and lick, lick, lick...
Everybody lick their ass for themselves!

(cue piano playing the K. 233 canon)

This was the text to a canon Mozart composed in Vienna in 1782, Koechel 233. Mozart, newly fired from his job as vice-Kappellmeister to the Archbishop of Salzburg and literally kicked in the ass on his way out the palace door, set himself loose as a freelance musician on Vienna, capital city of the Empire, and could write whatever music he wanted so long as he could make it profitable. For two centuries, musicologists who edited this work made substitute lyrics. Back in the late 80’s, some musicologist even claimed he found definitive evidence that Mozart didn’t write the canon. But if he didn’t, then why did Mozart write ‘lick me in the ass’ in a letter to his father? No matter how hard you try, you can’t clean up the shitty sexual side of Mozart’s character - except apparently by licking it.

(go directly into Se a caso Madama from wherever you are in the score. It's a B-Flat Major canon, same key as the duettino.)

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