Monday, January 27, 2014

Se Vuol Ballare - Staging Notes


Just spit polish the Count’s boots. Spit on them occasionally and polish them.

At “Non Sara, Non Sara, Figaro il Dice!” Bang one of the shoes on the table.

Move the boots around like action figures around the table, as though the boots are dancing. “Se vuol ballare, Signor Contino, se vuol ballare, Signor Contino, il chitarrino le suonerò, il chitarrino le suonerò si, le suonerò si, le suonerò.”

(the meter stick should be on the the chair, where Figaro left it during “Se a caso Madama.”)

Figaro walks over to the chair while he’s singing “Se vuol venire nella mia scuola, la capriola le insegnerò.” and picks up the meter stick.

Swishes the stick through the air while he sings “Se vuol venire.” Same for “La Capriola.”

“le insegnerò, si. le insegnerò, si. le insegnerò” Screams it at the chair.

Parries the stick like a sword during the cries of “Saprò!”

“Ma piano, pianopianopianopianopiano. meglio ogni arcano dissimulando scoprir potrò!” Tries to put down the stick on the chair but can’t quite let go.   

“L'arte schermendo, l'arte adoprando, di qua pungendo, di là scherzando, tutte le macchine rovescerò. (2x).” Through all this, parry, dodge, and swing the stick as though you’re a fencer. It should end with you ‘accidentally’ knocking over the Count’s head from the table, like a guillotine.

During the last “Se vuol ballare.” You dance a minuet/waltz with the head.

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