Sunday, February 9, 2014

Figaro - Second Act - Final Narration - Draft 1

When Beaumarchais first wrote the stageplay, the subtitle was to his work was “A Day of Madness.” And after an hour of exposition, the stage is finally set to unleash the full madness of Figaro’s world. For more than an hour, Mozart’s been setting every last domino in its proper place so that so that with a simple flick of a finger, a musical castle built with dominoes can fall one by one over a period of twenty minutes. First a duet, followed by a trio, followed by a quartet, followed by a quintet, followed by a septet. A chain reaction of musical mayhem, one confusion piling atop the next, with yet another confused character spilling over into the room to confuse the characters and the audience still more. Not to build up your expectation too high, but there is a reasonably well-known history professor lecturing down the street at the Peabody Conservatory who confidently announces to his every class that the following twenty minutes is the greatest music ever written. So here you go…the greatest music ever written… (shrugs)

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