Saturday, February 8, 2014

Figaro Second Act - Third Narration

We decided very early on that since Mozart’s orchestra imitates a guitar, and since we only have five players to provide an imitation of a guitar, it would make the most sense to have this song played by an actual guitarist. What luck that our Cherubino is so talented that she could do so with such little trouble.

But now let’s talk about the plot again. In the first act, Figaro had a line of dialogue in which he told Cherubino not to leave, and we now find out why. Figaro knows just how jealous the Count can be, so he shows the Count a letter which makes it look as though the Countess has a lover. Meanwhile, he instructs Susanna and the Countess to dress up Cherubino as a woman so as to tempt the Count with a new woman in the castle - whom the Countess then will intercept as the Count tries to seduce this new servant girl. When the Count is caught trying to hit on the new girl, it will in fact be Cherubino dressed as a woman, and in order to avoid exposure of the fact that the Count has macked on an underage boy, he will marry Figaro and Susanna with all due haste. And now we must watch the onstage characters prepare a terribly confusing erotic spectacle - two beautiful women must undress a third beautiful woman who plays a man, so they can dress this man up as a woman. Are you confused? So are we…

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