Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tutto e Tranquillo - Staging Notes

Figaro gets up after his fall and limps onto the stage, grasping one knee.

Looks up while he’s hunched over. “Tutto è tranquillo e placido;” keeps looking up as though he’s now talking to God, but gestures to the stairs “entrò la bella Venere;” limps slowly toward the bench, perhaps also crying “col vago Marte a prendere nuovo Vulcan del secolo” sits down, Susanna comes onstage “in rete la potrò.”

Susanna comes onstage, dressed as the Countess, holding a fan and wearing a shawl. (whispers and gestures for him to come over) “Ehi, Figaro, tacete.” Also has a fan so Figaro can’t see the face. Figaro jumps up and hobbles over as quickly as he can to the Countess.

“Oh, questa è la Contessa … A tempo qui giungete … Vedrete là voi stessa ... il Conte, e la mia sposa ...   di propria man la cosa toccar io vi farò.” Grab her by the free arm when you can get over to her. Try to lead her off the stage. Push her arm both times you get to ‘toccar.’

Gestures madly, but sings softly. “Parlate un po' più basso, di qua non muovo il passo, ma vendicar mi vò.”

(While she says this, Figaro looks out toward the audience, confused, stunned, excited, confused again, relieved, and overjoyed in the span of less than five seconds.) “Susanna!” Then looks toward her with fake malice “Vendicarsi!”

“Si!” With an emphatic motion of the arms.

Genuine confusion: “Come potria farsi?”:

Susanna turns her face to the audience and her fan to the side: Both of them speak sneakily toward the audience, facing away from each other. “L'iniquo io vo' sorprendere, poi so quel che farò./La volpe vuol sorprendermi, e secondarla vò!

Gets on one knee and puts his head on her side. “Ah se madama il vuole!”

Susanna tries to swat him off. “Su via, manco parole!”

Gesturing extravagantly, biggest sweetest possible tone. “Eccomi a' vostri piedi ... ho pieno il cor di foco ...  Esaminate il loco ... pensate al traditor.”   

Susanna moves away, looks at her free hand. “Come la man mi pizzica, che smania, che furor!”

Figaro follows her one step behind, still on one knee. Takes that free hand and puts it where his heart is.  “Come il polmon mi s'altera, che smania, che calor!”

Takes the hand away and switches sides. “E senz'alcun affetto?”

Gets the free hand again by standing up, perhaps painfully, and switching sides. “Suppliscavi il rispetto.  Non perdiam tempo invano” Takes her hand and puts it into his groin. “datemi un po' la mano …”

She uses it to punch him in the balls.

Figaro says, right before he falls over “Che schiaffo!”

Susanna bends down to hit him: “Che schiaffo, e questo, e questo, e ancora questo, e questo, e poi quest'altro.”

When he recovers his wind, Figaro starts laughing uproariously . “Non batter così presto.”

Keep hitting “E questo, signor scaltro, e questo, e poi quest'altro ancor.”

Start rolling around the stage to get away from Susanna. O schiaffi graziosissimi oh, mio felice amor.”

Susanna keeps standing over him and shouting. “Impara, impara, oh perfido, a fare il seduttor.”    

Figaro limps himself up. Holds Susanna firmly. “Pace, pace, mio dolce tesoro, io conobbi la voce che adoro e che impressa ognor serbo nel cor.”

Susanna moves her head back. “La mia voce.”

Figaro beams at her. “La voce che adoro.”

Sing with your noses half an inch from one another. “Pace, pace, mio dolce tesoro,
pace, pace, mio tenero amor.”

The Count is coming in from the back of the audience. He’s wearing no trousers and completely in his underwear. “Non la trovo e girai tutto il bosco.”

Turn to the audience, cheek to cheek as it was in the first aria. “Questi è il Conte, alla voce il conosco.”

Still offstage, but further front. “Ehi, Susanna - sei sorda - sei muta?”

Susanna doubles over with giggles: “Bella, bella! Non l'ha conosciuta.”

“Chi?” “Madama”  Now Figaro can’t help but do the same. “Madama?” “Madama!”                              

The Count comes up to the stage, in the first row. Figaro mischievously points to the floor, and Susanna lies on it. Figaro stands over her.  “La commedia, idol mio, terminiamo, consoliamo il bizzarro amator!”     

Figaro declares, as broadly as he can. “Sì, madama, voi siete il ben mio!”

The Count, from the first row. “La mia sposa! Ah, senz'arme son io.”

Figaro gets on one knee. “Un ristoro al mio cor concedete.”

Susanna sings from the floor. “Io son qui, fate quel che volete.”

Figaro gets up and dives into the floor where Susanna is. The Count exclaims while shaking his fist. “Ah, ribaldi!”

Figaro makes humping motions on top of Susanna “Ah, corriamo, mio bene, e le pene compensi il piacer.”

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