Sunday, February 2, 2014

Via Resti Servita - Staging Notes

Bartolo leaves the room. Marcellina sees the wedding hat on the table and picks it up. “Tutto ancor non ho perso: mi resta la speranza.”

Susanna enters holding a wig that she puts on the female head, starts trimming it with a pair of scissors on the desk. She sees Susanna come in and walks to the other side of the room with the wedding vail. “Ma Susanna si avanza: io vo' provarmi ... Fingiam di non vederla.” (with her back to Susanna and holding the wedding vail) “E quella buona perla la vorrebbe sposar!”

Susanna pretends to ignore Marcellina. Di me favella.

“Ma da Figaro alfine non può meglio sperarsi: (holds up her hand and rubs it together) 'l'argent fait tout'.”

Susanna laughs to herself. “Che lingua! Manco male ch'ognun sa quanto vale.” say the last two words with a cough and a ‘jerk off’ motion with your hand.

Walks over towards Susanna. Brava! (hands together and bow) Questo è giudizio! (blink your eyes) Con quegli occhi modesti, (make a sign of the cross) con quell'aria pietosa, e poi ...               

Meglio è partir.

(Susanna starts toward the door, Marcellina broadly blocks her way with her hips. Susanna falls down. Marcellina pretends it’s an accident and helps her up. They both make sweet eyes at each other.)

Marcellina gives her the wedding vail, curtsey’s and points toward the door while she bows. “Via resti servita, Madama brillante.” (curtsey on the ‘an’)

“Non sono sì ardita, madama piccante.” (ditto this one)

No, prima a lei tocca. (curtsey lower, on the “to”, still lower the second time)

No, no, tocca a lei. (curtsei on the lei, still lower the second time)

Marcellina offers Susanna her hand on the first one. Susanna seems reluctant, but takes it on the second. “Io so i dover miei, non fo inciviltà:”

(broad sarcastic smiles throughout the first compliment/insult exchange. Stay in this tableux through the whole thing until..)

Susanna says “L’eta!

Marcellina breaks out of the hold, turns around and holds up her fist. If you’re near enough to the table, bang it. “Per Bacco, precipito, se ancor resto qua.”

Doubled over laughing. “Sibilla decrepita, da rider mi fa.”  

(subtly gives an Italian ‘up yours/vafancullo’ sign with her arms on ‘brillante) “Via resti servita, Madama brillante.”

(subtly puts two fingers up to her mouth as though to say ‘eat me/me mangi’ on ‘piccante’) “Non sono sì ardita, madama piccante.”

“La sposa novella!” makes a pregnancy belly motion with her arms.

“La dama d'onore!” lifts up the apron and lurches back like she’s a whore on a bed.

“Il Conte sa bella” Makes a blowjob motion.

“Di Spagna l'amore!” Grabs her crotch.

“I meriti!” Rubs together the money once again to say that she’s poor.

“L'abito!” Rubs the fabric on Marcellina’s sleeve.

“Il posto!” Holds up something on the table.

“L'età!”  Strikes a pose like an old woman with a cane,    

Marcellina spins around again.

Susanna does a little celebratory dance while saying “L’eta, l’eta, l’eta.”

Marcellina flies at Susanna. Susanna easily puts Marcellina in a hold Keeps her in the hold for the rest of the aria, moves her in it to the door and literally kicks her out of the room.

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