Monday, November 14, 2016

A Brief Depressing Post About Trump

Particularly Depressing Trump post ahead. Stop now if you don't want to read. I'm scared to post this and may take it down soon.
Considering that my Dad was right about Trump winning, maybe I should consider what he thinks about Trump's presidency. He says it will be a disaster, but arithmetically worse than Bush's, not geometrically. That's still horrifying, it's a disaster, it's not a cataclysm or an apocalypse. My best guess so far is that it's a cataclysm if not the end of us all. What most scares the bejesus out of me is that I believe we are now living in Vladmir Putin's gameroom. I believe is Trump is literally a Manchurian Candidate coached and aided by Russian intelligence, chosen to do everything possible to erode democracy, perhaps not as ironically as it seems, by turning America and to a lesser (perhaps much lesser) extent Britain into Russia - maybe France too. I don't believe that Trump will issue the same amounts of homophobia as in Russia - it will obviously be Mexicans and Muslims, and every other minority will as a result be 'on notice' that it could happen to them too. Nevertheless, I still doubt that more than a handful will ever be deported (if you say you want to deport 3 million illegal aliens, you give yourself the right to harass every foreigner and person of color in the country to determine who is illegal), and it will still be terrifying to be of either extraction in this period. So with a couple different 'cosmetic' details, I believe we will now see all the same tactics as in Russia - journalists who turn up the wrong information will be found in Rock Creek Park the next morning (seriously journalists, BE CAREFUL), Democratic lawmakers who are too persuasive could have the same happen, famous critics of Trump will be put in jail for "Trumped Up" charges, particularly famous opponents like the Obamas and Clintons may have to leave the country, judges will get some very nice bribes or be blackmailed, police will torture half their prisoners and detainees with impunity so as to make the price of protesting so high that hardly anyone will do it, Trump will have no problem dropping 100,000 casualties work of explosives on people already suffering under ISIS, organized crime will resurge in business, Trump and cronies and lobbyists will use the government as a personal financial troth and another trillion dollars will simply go missing, federal funding for education and energy will be cut to its absolute nub - all of which will be exacerbated heavily by an economy that will careen out of control because the dollar will soon no longer be a reliable standard currency. Hopefully, this will all be over in four years, but who knows? If Putin is actually calling the shots, will he give it up willingly in 2020? What extent is he willing to go to maintain control? I hope Dad is right, but this is what Putin's Russia is, and while Trump has much more to do to erode America's liberal civil institutions, he will do everything he can to make it happen - that's that many more figures he can pick off. He might be worse than this, he might (let's pray) be better, but the best we can hope for is a disaster. Brace yourselves.

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