Thursday, August 6, 2009

Richard Nixon: Piano Concerto

Submitted without comment.


  1. See what happens when you get a gay man in power who doesn't come to terms with his feelings for men? Ya, you get, you also get Hitler

  2. Nixon gay? Really?

    G. Gordon Liddy I can believe. But Nixon was waaaay too jealous of Kennedy to be gay.

  3. Highly unlikely, ever heard of Marriana Lui? Hoover held photographs of she and Nixon in a hotel room together over Nixons head to keep him from forcing Hoovers retirement as head of the FBI.
    Also, in his waning years Nixon chose a pretty young woman as his assistant to brighten his view, had he been interested in men he would most likely have chosen decidedly more masculine eye candy. All other anecdotal evidence supports Nixon as being straight as well as square.