Wednesday, October 28, 2009

John Adams is....


Not the second president of the United States (or the sixth). The composer who is in the midst of establishing himself as perhaps the greatest, most influential, most accomplished, and most culturally engaged composer to ever come out of our country, now has a blog. You'll have to excuse me as I leave Baltimore to camp out outside of his Berkeley house to await his posts.


  1. Money quote, which reveals further his awesomeness:

    "City Noir is so densely layered that I need two full manuscript pages to embrace all the parts. Hell for the copyist, who is nonetheless unfazed, a total pro. David—started out playing clarinet with Frank Zappa. After 24 years knows my intentions nearly well enough to fill out a line that I’ve forgotten to write out."


  2. I think the money quote comes from today's post:

    Glenn Beck looks like a four year-old whose dad is going to come over and beat the shit out of you if you don’t let him win at least one Monopoly game. He has a petulant, spoiled brat look—a pudgy blond Middle American Mussolini.