Monday, January 24, 2011

Housekeeping Note

Seeing from my Google Stats (a narcissist's paradise) that people are trying to access my Voices of Washington blogging, and that the VoW website is due to shut down in 2 days, I am uploading all 535 posts of my Voices of Washington blogging at where Google-willing it can be accessed in perpetuity.



Addendum: Uploaded 503 posts. 32 seem to be missing for the moment. Will solve issue in the PM when work is over.

Addendum #2: After copying 503 posts yesterday and early this morning, I did not have the time today to ascertain where the missing 18 1/2 posts are today. However, I did copy 13,590 lines of code in php which can hopefully be reconstituted in another format that will reconstitute the blog as it was with all the posts intact.

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