Monday, December 10, 2012

Terrible Hannukah Songs Playlist

Christmas envy provokes the worst in Jews. Nowhere moreso than in the horrible, horrible, horrible music Hannukah provokes.

Ocho Kandelikas  (has to be the champion, worst Hannukah song ever. Thank god it's in Ladino, an even deader Jewish language than Yiddish.)

Light One Candle (Peter, Paul and Mary hathos award) 

Chanukah oh Chanukah (equally annoying in English, Hebrew and Yiddish)

Eight Days of Hannukah (Written by Orrin Hatch. Yes, THAT Orrin Hatch...)

The Rocky Hora Hannukah Song (sigh... why do i feel a moral obbligation after seeing this to do this song with my chorus next year?)

Miracle (The Maccabeats. Of all the embarressing Jewish ripoffs of Christian Rock, The Maccabeats must be the most annoying on the planet. At least they are now that Debbie Friedman's no longer with us...)

I am a Latke  (On second thought, this is the worst holiday song ever written. It would be awful without it, but a hundred Jewish children singing about being burned alive puts it over the top. )

They have the Hallelujah Chorus, we have I Have a Little Dreidel.

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