Monday, February 4, 2013

Life is a Ken Burns Documentary - A New Song

My first new song in two years. There are a lot of lines that I wrote here which I could barely stand to put on paper. Is it better than most of the shit that passes for music which people listen to? Absolutely. Is it any good? Absolutely not :).

Also... somehow the chord changes didn't make it through the cut and paste. I'll work on that later.

And when the house was burned to dust 

and to its embers ground, 

The birth of new life comes and it

experiences its first sound.

And though we infants titans see

ourselves through mirrors long,

We break the mirrors with our fists

to hear the loser’s song,

And though the loser’s victory march

proclaims its endless reign,

The victory goes by accident to

fortune’s fools for gain.

And fortune’s fools have no excuse for

why fate cares for them,

they play their roles and kiss the ring

while others they condemn.

They tell their myths for why is why

and flog their charge for all,

We see it yet we turn our heads cuz


A Ken Burns Documentary:

…It’s long, … it’s

there’s endless things to learn... 

Life’s a grey old man who’s

seen all wars and 
tells you 

shit you don’t wanna know... 

He rambles, he forgets, he lies,... 

and his lies are duller than truth,... 

And when he’s done with you he

hopes your soul has

...pissed away its youth.  


When teachers want to slight their jobs 

they put the TV on, 

They let the screen talk at the class 

while mentally they’re gone.

The shit they shove into our minds is

full of noxious smells,

But we don’t listen anyway

except for classroom bells,

And when the bell tolls through the halls

the dead come back to life,

To keep our learning poor we’d learn

to live with endless strife.

The screens of class are traded in

for screens of home and car,

In place of desks are couches soft

and sleep with dreams afar,

But when we’re in the car we fall

asleep with wheels alive,

The car drives us and takes us where it



cuz life’s a Ken Burns Documentary

It’s smart,... it’s vast,

enthusiasm yes it has. 

It’s one-man war 

combats our well-earned mantra...

 … ignorance is bliss...

It’s bloated,... it’s bombastic,... 

it pretends like it astounds... 

And all throughout the show 

there’s the nagging thought that it’s...

...not as important as it sounds...


It tells us to respect the 

institutions that we’re in.

It conjures pasts of people greater

than we’ve ever been.

It makes us feel inferior to

the history that we owe,

And tells us that our best days never

happened to us so...

We sit in reverential awe

for things we really hate,

And people who exploit our faith

in living all too late,

It points out all the pratfalls of

forgetting what’s been done,

And makes us pay an homage to the

hangman and the gun,

It makes us terrified we can’t break

out from hist’ry’s snare, we’re

just as bad as them, another

way, we’d never dare. And

when we wreck the world that people

after us will live.

The ruins we’ll dress up so kids can



A Ken Burns Documentary

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