Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pesach Playlist

(Things really worth listening to will have an asterisk next to it, really worth it will show more asterisks):

Salamone Rossi: Adon Olam **

Salamone Rossi: Al Naharot Bavel (Psalm 137... by the rivers of babylon...) *

Salamone Rossi: Hallelujah (Psalm 146)

Charles-Valentin Alkan: Paraphrase of Super Flumina Babylonis  (Psalm 137)

Alkan: Trois Anciennes  Melodies Juives (or at least the first two)

Alkan: Hallelujah (Psalm 150)

Halevy: La Juive *

Mendelssohn: Elias/Elijah] ****

Joachim: Hebrew Melody #1 for Viola and Piano

Schoenberg: Mose und Aron ***

Schoenberg: De Profundis *

Schoenberg: A Survivor from Warsaw *****

Zemlinsky: Psalm 83

Ullmann: 3 Hebrew Boys' Choruses (written in Terezinstadt) ****

Ullmann: A Maydl in di Yorn **

Copland: Vitebsk ***

Milhaud: Trois Psaumes de David

Schnittke: Psalms of Repentence I *, VIII ****, X ****,

Golijov: Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind ***

Golijov: Yiddishbbuk **

Paul Ben-Haim: Sweet Psalmist of Israel: 1, 2, 3, ***

Ben-Haim: Suite 'From Israel': 1, 2, ***

Steve Reich: Daniel Variations *****

Reich: Tehillim  ***

John Zorn's Kristallnacht ****

John Zorn: Kol Nidre

Leonard Bernstein: Jeremiah Symphony ****

Bernstein: Kaddish Symphony  (with the better narration) **

Bernstein: Chalil **

Bernstein: Hashkivenu ****

Bernstein: Chichester Psalms *****

Ernest Bloch: Voice in the Wilderness *

Bloch: Israel Symphony - I, II, III **

Bloch: Schelomo ***

Bloch: Ba'al Shem ****

Bloch: Suite Hebraique **

Bloch: Psaume 22 ***

Bloch: Avodat Hakodesh *****

Kurt Weill: The Eternal Road **

Hugo Weisgall: Esther (only a preview...)

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