Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Triumph of Death, Hon: A Sonnet

In Baltimore a death is just a death.
Such billions live, such billions die that life
Is just a brief breeze by to catch a breath
While on our way to meeting with a knife.
But briefer still is life in Baltimore
Where life is knife and death is rife,
Where Ravens crow aloud for nevermore
And loved friends, people, disappear, forgotten lore.
Amur’ka rise, Amur’ka fall, this site
Of countless triumphs, measureless failure, free
to be..., freedom from…, freedom to..., alright…,
Let’s grant that ‘Mur’ka is a place to see
If Freedom is a dogma without fee.
Let Her rise again and thrive in peace or war.
Baltimore will still be here, a quaint volume of forgotten lore.

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