Thursday, May 26, 2016

Go Back to the Play?

Play 1:
Setting: Baltimore Jewish Home, Weekend After Thanksgiving 1995 - Three Weeks after Rabin was Shot

Grandparents Generation:

Senile Greenie/Dead Greenie Wife
Holocuast Survivor Guest
Social Climbing Retiree/Dead American
Low Class Brother-in-Law of Retiree

Parents Generation:

Family 1: Greenie Businessman/Conservative Homemaker
Family 2: Neocon Washington Commuter/Hebrew Teacher
Family 3: Sellout Scientist/High-Ranking Private Practice Doctor

Children's Generation:

Family 1: 
Decadent Social Justice Leftist
Jap/needs stupid husband who makes money
Bar Mitzvah Age Boy

Family 2:
"With the program" Success/needs well-meaning husband
Zionist who moved to Israel
Ultra-Orthodox Frum Girl

Family 3:
Wall Street Broker/needs wife
Playboy Lawyer
College Age Kid who works in Tech 

It could be a series of plays. 

Play 1: Shabbos Dinner
Play 2: Shabbos Morning: Bar Mitzvah of Close Family Friend, outside of the synagogue sanctuary with Bar Mitzvah Age boy and friends.
Play 3: Shabbos Noon: Kiddish after the Bar-Mitzvah, the remaining Holocaust survivors eating around a table. 
Play 3: Shabbos Afternoon, The Young Adults Get Together
Play 4: The Bar Mitzvah Party: The Parents Mingle with Contemporaries
Play 5: Sunday Brunch - Action goes on in the other rooms while one by one, there is dialogue between no more than two characters at once. 

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