Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Happens in America's Darkest Timeline

Brief walkthrough of America's darkest timeline scenario - which will probably not happen. There are roughly 300 million privately held guns in this country, not including guns among police or armed forces. I guarantee that the vast majority of them are owned by people supporting Trump, and a large plurality owned by Trump supporters of particular passion. At any point, Trump, if denied his will as either a President or thwarted candidate, can call on his followers to rise up and defend the country from thrwarting the will of the people - and as every tyrant believes, he believes that he IS the people, and therefore his will is the will of America.
Furthermore, both the armed forces and the police have vast quantities of members, heavily armed members, who will believe that anything Trump is denied is an act of war on the American people, and will therefore respond, like Trump's potential citizen army, by declaring war on the American people. The Army and Police will be significantly divided, therein will begin a civil war. Not a civil war fought by two neat sides as in Lincoln's era, but a chaotic civil war that makes no street corner in America safe, and perhaps no street corner in Mexico or certain parts of Canada either. An entire continent can turn into Syria.
There is a more than good chance that any variation of this will not happen any time soon, but a lighter version of this, hopefully a significantly lighter one, is coming sometime in the 50 years. You can take that to whatever vulture capitalist bank at which you deposit. The point of sharing this is simply to scare the living shit out of you all and make you realize what might be at stake. When you're not having a nervous breakdown, vote, knock on doors, sign up to phonebanks to call people and convince them and remind them to get out the vote, and if you have time: go to battleground states to knock on doors and, whatever you do for the election this week, be prepared for significant hostility for your contribution. Be vigilant. Democracy itself is on the ballot.

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