Monday, March 12, 2018

Idea for Class: The 70's in Movies

Class 1: Stanley Kubrick - Filmmaker of the Inhuman Era
Class 2: Bonnie and Clyde & Easy Rider - The New Generation's Values
Class 3: Altman and Bogdonavich - 'Real' America
Class 4: The Godfather Epic
Class 5: MASH, The Deer Hunter & Apocalypse Now - Why Are We in Vietnam?
Class 6: The New York Hellscape - Martin Scorsese and The French Connection
Class 7: Mel Brooks and Woody Allen - Jews in front and behind the camera
Class 8: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski: The Sexual Revolution 1.0
Class 9: Network, All the President's Men - Political Paranoia
Class 10: Hal Ashby and Paul Mazursky - Unconventional Love
Class 11: Spielberg and Lucas - Back to Big Money
Class 12: Raging Bull, My Dinner with Andre, The Right Stuff  - The 70s in the 80s

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