Thursday, February 24, 2011

Robert Fisk on Libya

Once again, it just shows that he's as brilliant a reporter as he is lousy a political analyst.

h/t Le Malon

And here's an example in the same newspaper of exactly how lousy an analyst he is:

So let's erase all the YouTubes and Facebooks and the shooting and blood and gouged corpses from Benghazi, and pretend it didn't happen. Let's pretend that the refusal to give visas to foreign correspondents has actually prevented us from hearing the truth. Gaddafi's claim that the protesters in Libya – the millions of demonstrators – "want to turn Libya into an Islamic state" is exactly the same nonsense that Mubarak peddled before the end in Egypt, the very same nonsense that Obama and La Clinton have suggested. Indeed, there were times last night when Gaddafi – in his vengefulness, his contempt for Arabs, for his own people – began to sound very like the speeches of Benjamin Netanyahu. Was there some contact between these two rogues, one wondered, that we didn't know about?

If you're going for a serious insult, that's about the most below the belt you can reach. Let's face it, Qaddafi is a pretty scummy guy, but to compare him to the Prime Minister of Israel? Not even Qaddafi deserves such a low blow.

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