Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beginning of New Play - Potential Cast of Characters

Chanukah/Christmas 1899 Bialystok

Greaseh Bubbie - Suri - Ninety-two. Religious fanatic, peasant, never acclimated to city life.
As pessimistic as her son is optimistic. Warns that departing from
Hashem will lead to apocalypse.

Zaydie - Izheh: exactly seventy. Play takes place on his birthday, Chanukah/Christmas
1899. Runs family business/factory with Yankeleh. Healthy, does not question his
instincts. Optimistic about the new century. Recounts his father's happy passing.
Just built a new family mansion.

Bubbie - Rivkeh: sixtyish - peacemaker. Actual shrewd businessman and decision
maker who always talks Izheh down from his rages and subtly makes him always
make the right choice.

Tate - Yankl: fortyish. Has ambitions of building a new synagogue for the city and
moving the business into investment capital.

Mameh - Rochel: thirtyish. Will

Binyamin - Family favorite. Eight. Brilliant and sweet. In the beginning stages of cancer.

Yosif: Fraternal twin brother. Not brilliant. A bit of a troublemaker. Ignored by family.

Feter - Aynshel: fiftyish. From first marriage - his mother died in childbirth.
Lives in Bransk, raised by his mother’s sister. Became follower of Bransker Rebbi,
permanent Yeshiva Bocher, financially fleeced by the Rebbe for a higher lifestyle than
Aynshel, now near penury.

Mumeh - Alteh: forty-fiveish. Combative and shrewd. Aware in a way her husband is
not that his Rabbi is depleting his money and he’s running out. Her son is intelligent
but misbehaving, and she wants money for him to go to college.

Eli - Rebellious son of Aynshel and Alteh, hanging out with goyim in Bransk,
drinking and smoking and going with loose women, smart, proto-communist leanings,
Alteh wants money from Izheh for him to go to university.

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