Monday, May 14, 2018

It's Not Even Past #21 - The End of the Politics of Freedom? - Very Beginning

I have no idea what to say about Israel except that I fear the very worst is upon us. All the adults have been removed from their ability to supervise and in their wake this corner of the world has been left in the hands of dangerous and savage children.

It seems a bit like this every time, but it must be said, this time feels very different. There is no Obama, no Rabin, not even so much as a Bush or a Sharon on hand to let cooler states of mind prevail. Hamas will continue to throw fanatical protestors straight into the bullets of the Israeli army, and the Israeli army will be all too gleeful to use them. This happens every few years, and the death tolls are usually somewhere around two-thousand with Hamas finding a way to kill as many Palestinians as Israel does - knowing that Israel will be blamed, but this time gives the sense it will be astronomically higher, and since there is no way to remove Hamas, the consequences will be unstoppable until such time as Netanyahu is removed from power. If Netanyahu can remain Prime Minister for nine years, who the hell knows what that could actually possibly take - not just untold thousands of casualties on the Arab side, but untold thousands of casualties within Israel. All it takes is one missile with radioactive material on it, one chemical weapon from Syria strapped to a missile and detonated in the air, one container of bioterror. 

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