Friday, May 1, 2020

When Facebook Becomes Blogging

Dear DCers, take a look at this. What this shows is that for all the incredible difference in experience between recent DC and Baltimore, they are still as connected as two cities can be, and the DC renaissance was purchased at Baltimore's expense. These two cities need each other so badly: this whole time, Baltimore could have been your laboratory to apply solutions to practical problems which DC think tanks still only measure in abstractions, and DC is now so isolated from life as the rest of America experiences it that it still has no idea how bad things have gotten elsewhere. This disconnect and divorce from the two cities' experiences is not Baltimore's fault, it's yours. The country is literally on the precipice of collapse in no small part because the big metropoles with all the money, all the power, all the best and brightest, were so prosperous that they had so little idea what was going on elsewhere, and now the dissolution of elsewhere America is taking the unaffected places with it into the maelstrom. You're supposed to be the leadership city, and you didn't provide it.

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