Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goals For Snow Days

1. Purim medley arrangements to be completed for the KR resumed rehearsal (probably Thursday night)...I fraggin' hate medleys..

2. Choral arrangement of Bach's Air on the G-String ( played in your sister's wedding) from the Orchestral Suite #3. Oh, and the text will be the 23rd Psalm. Oh, and the text will be in German. Oh, and have to figure out if Bach read from the Luther Bible or the Zurich Bible.

3. WEREWOLF BAR-MITZVAH! (also for Purim)

4. Other arrangements to hopefully work on in the next few days: Come Sunday by Duke Ellington, The End of the World by Skeeter Davis, Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swann, Andante Festivo by Jean Sibelius (to be done to the Hebrew text El Maleh Rachamim for Yom HaShoah)...there are a lot more but that's enough for now.

How much is done will be told later....


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