Sunday, February 7, 2010

Three Random Thoughts After Half-Time

1. The anti-abortion ad at the beginning was extremely mild. Even so, it's a potential prelude for stronger things to come and quite scary. Also, I have about as much stomach for offensive content as anyone in the universe, but it was REALLY ugly of CBS to air the man-thong ad right after the anti-abortion ad. The double standard against the gay dating ad was bad enough, but that seemed as though it was sending a message about what content is less welcome.

2. Watching old rockers at half-time gets sadder every year. Pete Townshend should have lost his right to do the guitar wheel when he reached Social Security age.

3. I really haven't been paying more attention than to say that the Saints have been lucky to stay as in the game as they are after playing so badly. That being said: GEAUX SAINTS!

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