Monday, April 25, 2011

The 100 Best Under 40 Composers

Excuse me while I jump for joy. I can't deny that lists like this are profoundly a step in the right direction, but why 100? Are we supposed to believe that the music of every young composer with a competent press agent is worth hearing? What the best among these musicians need is advocacy in the press that tells precisely why their music has merit. And at the same time, we need somebody who will call a spade a spade for the overrated among this group. There is a definite sense of 'kid gloves' when it comes to the new generation. In essence, critics are so relieved that there is finally a generation of classical musicians that interacts freely with pop music that nobody wants to criticize them for sounding like second-rate Indy Rock. So basically, what this list needs is a 'balance sheet' from someone who can at least give people an idea of what's what among these composers. Can anyone provide balance on those opinions? Probably not. But they can provide entertainment.

Why yes, Evan, this sounds like a very fun exercise! Let torture of listening to more student comp recitals begin anew!

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