Friday, April 8, 2011

Quote of the Day:

(Evan sits at one of the two side tables at Ed-Mart deli, quietly enjoying his chopped liver and his cucumber salad. Two old men are conversing loudly at the next table over. Their accents place them as in their late 60's and formerly residents of Baltimore's Forest Park neighborhood.)

Old Man #1: So what do you think of Donald Trump?

Old Man #2: I think if he were Jewish there'd be a lot of antisemitism right now.

Old Man #1: Yeah. But that Donald Trump has some good looking wives.

Old Man #2: Does he! His second two wives are the most gorgeous women I've ever seen.

Old Man #1: Yeah, I saw his new wife on television the other day. She was wearing a fur coat and a miniskirt, and everything was pourin' out. Some papparazzi guy asked her, 'if Donald didn't have that money, would you marry him?' So she made like she was gonna flash the camera and opened her fur coat and said 'If I didn't look like this, would Donald have married me?'

....Pikesville: Literary gold mine since 1982.

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