Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evan Tucker's Handy-Dandy Top Operas List

If you ever want to immerse yourself in opera, this is where to go.

1. Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro: The perfect opera. Opera as what it should be - a democracy in which every performer matters. Ten equal parts (when the arias aren't cut), and each having unfathomable three dimensional depth. An orchestra as much a part of the total experience as the singers. Funny, sad, profound, lowbrow, complex and simple all at once. Pure pleasure in music.

2. Verdi - Otello: The perfect operatic tragedy. A lifetime of experience lets Verdi take us on a ride into the abyss. Not a single wasted note, and each

3. Sondheim - Company:

4. Bizet - Carmen:

5. Wagner - Die Meistersinger:

6. Puccini - La Boheme:

7. Mozart - The Magic Flute:


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