Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Are All Hamza

The description here is so horrific that I teared up as I read it. I couldn't possibly bring myself to watch the accompanying video. The inhumanity of autocracy is beyond words. I am not completely sanguine about the prospects of post-revolution life changing in the Middle East, but let's all hope (or pray, if you believe it works) that we all live to see the a day when it does. There are millions of Hamzas throughout the world, and we rarely ever hear their stories. But a personal story like this one affects us all far more than all the statistics we hear. Nine million people, Jews and non-Jews, perished in the German Death Camps, twenty million in the Soviet Gulags. How many hundreds of millions of ghosts have stories to share which just as horrific as Hamza's? This is our world, and all we can do is share their stories so that the slaughtered become people to us rather than numbers.

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