Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Favorite Album - The Danny's Contribution

Interpretation of Longus' tale; romance, bromance, revenge, pirates, fairies, and real fairies, and parenthood.  And Pan, god of panic.

This ballet is some serious shit.  Ravel without a complaint for being rushed on deadlines, pushed on finances, pressured on identity.  Took his sweet time, and so time is sweet to this piece.  He has said he had never worked harder in all his life.

It's a religious experience, and then an adventure tale, and it can get awfully trampy and scary in between.  How does one make violin, English horn, and a wind machine trampy?  Well you can't ask Ravel, cause he's dead.

Seriously, this one has staying power.  Good architecture allows for that.  Required romping.

The Danny is a filmmaker and rock drummer who is very big in Germany. 

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