Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Favorite Album - La Cohen's Contribution

Works of art, music, songs and albums are for me intimately linked to personal moments of learning and growth from love and relationships with others, friendship or romantic, joyful and painful. From these experiences I embrace a strength in vulnerability, having learned to be present and choosing everyday to grow from love. 

The albums that mean more to be than any else embody a raw, visceral, sincere and sweetly honest existence without being apologetic. They encompass love’s process in its joy, ache, sweetness, spirituality, pain and chest-opening catharsis. 

The album I chose to highlight encourages this sentiment and has absolutely lovely harmonies with an acoustic guitar to boot. It’s meditative, sad, sweet, eerie, calm and anxious, all at the same time. I shake it to How’m I doin’, cry to “Loon Song” and feel at peace to “”Buffalo”. For me this album is a soul cleanser and reminds me of the importance and strength of being able to love. 

Artist: Mountain Man
Album: Made in the Harbor

Some tracks to point out:
Animal Tracks 
How’m I doin’ (Mills Brothers cover)
Sewee Sewee

La Cohen is a visual artist, guitarist, ukulalist, singer, kazoo-player, and opera lover in the Baltimore area.

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