Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear New Year's Eve,

You are my least favorite holiday.  Figuring out where to spend it is always stressful.  The part(ies)y we end up at is/are invariably (an) alcohol-fest(s) that only remind(s) us how much worse binge drinking feels than it did when we were 20.  And even after we drink ourselves into a stupor/torpor we watch 3/4ths of the people around us make out with the significant others the other 1/4th of us don't have.

Last year I went to four seperate parties (doubtless the most socializing I did all year), and while I love all my friends, I must confess now that between party 1 and party 2 I went back to my car for a nap.

...Definitely thinking about a movie night this year.

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