Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Political Reading - Insomniac Edition

Dear Thera-Flu

Screw you for being the only non-prescription substance to keep my cough at bay.  So while I wait for you to kick in, please humor me for recommending the following:

The only profile I've ever read that 'gets' Marty Peretz.  A textbook example of how someone a person can maintain the requisite manic passion to be both a great liberal lion and an incontrovertible bigot.  (h/t Le Malon)

The precise reasons that Harry Reid is the exact opposite of boring.  (h/t Le Malon)

And lest one forgets what they fled in 1947 (not for those who dislike grim readings).  (h/t Dad)

Regardless of one's feelings about it, the world needs some rational discussions about how wikileaks will be applied.  Whether or not this is a good or bad thing, I believe that Wikileaks is capable of affecting more seismic changes in our lives than Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple combined.  Whether anyone agrees with what's written here, they at least ought to read what it says.

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